Epidaurus - Poros - Hydra

Enjoying your holidays in the region of Epidaurus but keen to explore more of Greece’s gems? We have got you covered with our Epidaurus itinerary.
Max Guests

RIB: 9 + 1 crew
Motorboats: 10 + 2 crew


8 hours


From Porto Heli or Spetses


To Porto Heli or Spetses

Hop aboard from the designated embarkation point and speed through the waves towards two of Greeces most captivating islands: Poros and Hydra, guaranteed to entice you with their aristocratic allure and natural charm.

First on the itinerary is the island of Poros, with its inviting sandy or pebbled beaches for all tastes and plenty of shady spots to relax in. A refreshing dive in the pristine waters of Askeli and Love Bay will certainly add to the laid-back vibes, while a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafés for all tastes guarantee a delicious break on the shores.

It is then off to Hydra, arguably one of the countrys most romantic destinations. Verdant and overlooking the Argosaronic Gulf, Hydra lends itself perfectly to laid-back strolls on foot thanks to a total ban on cars, allowing you to take in the aristocratic vibe without a care in the world. Hydra is also home to gorgeous beaches for all tastes such as secluded and sandy Agios Nikolaos on the west of the island or Mandraki, standing out as the ultimate water-sports enthusiasts hangout.

With plenty of instagrammable sights to grab your attention throughout your trip, exploring Greece’s shorelines has never felt this wonderful.

Want to switch up your itinerary or are worried the weather might have other plans? Get in touch with your agent and we will plan the trip of your dreams, perfectly adapted to suit your needs and wants. 

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